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This is the first update when I have sat down and thought “where do I start?” There has been so much going on with the development this month that it is hard to fit it all in a post here. Through the month we have steadily moved from working on our architectural changes, through to preparing for our first public test. The risks and gambles we took last year, are now beginning to pay serious dividends for us.

I’ll be covering the following in this update:

  • Lighting and material improvements
  • Volumetric Cloud system
  • New Server Architecture
  • Clothing/Inventory status
  • Closed Test Status
  • Art/World updates
  • Customizing your character
  • Customizing your weapon

Lighting and material improvements

One of our Lead Artists, Mario Kurty, has been working with some of the ArmA3 artists to ensure that DayZ Standalone has the best visuals possible. The result is pretty striking when combined with some of the other improvements we have made in the engine. These improvements make the world really come to life, improving the visuals overall. A comparison screenshot is included and demonstrates the effect of this.

Volumetric Cloud system

This has now been fully configured for use within DayZ, used to great effect in Bohemia’s previous product Take on Helicopters (and coming in ArmA3 also). There are several pictures of this included in the screenshots for this blog update. Running around the world taking pictures, it was hard to resist really. It adds a real sense of realism when compared with the previous result.

New Server Architecture

Our lead programmer, Ondřej Španěl, continues his work on redeveloping our server architecture. Contrary to some who say DayZ will be releasing with no anti-hack mechanisms, one of the key things we are doing with development is entirely redeveloping how the engine works. I can’t stress enough just how fundamental this change is. DayZ’s game servers will function like servers in other MMO style games, that is the server will control the behavior and the sending of updates. No longer will your machine receive all the updates allowing their analysis by various cheats.

We are exploring spawning all zombies and loot at the start of server initialization, again a huge departure from the previous mechanism. This solves many design and technical issues with the spawning and respawning of equipment, such as being able to metagame by telling whether players are in a village by seeing zombie’s have spawned.

Clothing/Inventory status

This has now been completed to a basic level, you can put on and drop various items of clothing. These items can have diseases on them, and they have durability and other attributes. We need to make some models that represent the clothes when they are on the ground (currently they look as they are when on the ground!) Once this is done, we will be releasing some video outlining what it looks like to change your clothes.

Closed Test Status

We have begun our internal closed testing (yes!) and have been working with Valve to ensure our new server browser system is working (we utilize Steam for this purpose rather than Gamespy as for ArmA2). The Server/Client architecture needs to be fully implemented before we will begin our public testing.

We have not initiated our closed test that includes external people yet (such as streamers).

Art/World updates

A huge quantity of changes are flowing into the world. New areas, a mass of new objects (such as wrecked vehicles, buses, etc…) that are all designed with DayZ in mind - such as having good areas for loot to spawn. It is really impossible to list all the changes here, from bug fixing to redesigning of buildings such as the general store, and onto entirely new buildings and areas. One of our texture artists has been going through existing work and making them look more damaged and used.

Customizing your Character

The design has now really ramped up. This is really the entire focus of our efforts for the next few months, prior to starting on vehicle customization and finally on base building at the end of the year. The obvious starting point for us is to allow players to select the gender and race of their character. Beyond this, allowing ways for your character to become your own are key for us; from getting tattoo’s to finding unique clothing items, trying to deal with your own health aliments, etc…

This is an area of very active development, we’re exploring all sorts of ways to make your character change in the world as you play. When you first create your character, the options will be simple. As you go along in the world, your character will change as a result of their interactions with the environment and the decisions you make, through items such as clothing choices.

Social aspects are extremely important to us, and we’ve taken a number of idea’s and participated in the discussions on reddit and the forums about what we can do in this area. Expect more on these area’s in the next tumblr update. We want to support the organic development and operation of groups within the game, through the development of their own symbology in game (tattoo’s, markings on the world, on weapons, etc…). We feel that these redeveloped social experiences told through the game will be a compelling part of the standalone.

Customizing your weapon

Weapon attachments are a great bi-product of our entire redesign of every aspect of the inventory system. Nothing is available to show on this yet, currently the only attachment we have fully configured in the game is the magazine. You must load the magazine with ammunition and then it is considered an attachment to the weapon. The quantity and condition of your magazines will be particularly important in the standalone. Look after them!

When is it releasing?

We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation, more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up. Our development blog and getting players in and testing as soon as possible will be key in ensuring we succeed in making this a great game.

Concluding words

At no point in development, have I been as excited as I am right now. The risks we took with the direction have paid off. The engine and approach of the game is now entirely DayZ’s own, it is striking out into it’s own territory as a project. This is very exciting for all the team.

I do need to caution though, it is a bad idea to overhype the project. We know that there are many challenges that we will face from deciding to effectively write a new engine tailored to DayZ. But we are now entirely confident, that this decision will prove to have been the best decision we could make. Now we will be able to make the game that we’ve all always wanted.

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This Report, that was funded by the International Labour Organization (ILO), examines regional differences and trends in the years proceeding and following the Global Financial Crisis and provides a fresh overview that aims to assist International Decision-Makers.

Construction Workers image

Major Trends…

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As we’ve scaled Instagram to an ever-growing number of active users, Postgres has continued to be our solid foundation and the canonical data storage for most of the data created by our users. While less than a year ago, we blogged about how we “stored a lot of data” at Instagram at 90 likes per…

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Furnish For Fulfillment Using These Great Shirt and Dress Style Recommendations 

Assuming that you don’t know how to concoct popular outfits, you’re blessed. You don’t need to resemble a pattern nonconformist. It just needs a little work and vigor to upgrade your style.continue perusing for numerous exceptional pattern recommendations. 

Lighter washes and vibrant tones have a tendency to be a great deal more best for a casual appear. 

Wear faint hued slipovers and pants provided that you’re over weight. Faint shades can straighten your framework and perform down any puffs that you essentially don’t have to push. 

The old guideline that you should not put on spendid white articles of clothing after the Effort Time has passed no more is accurate. It is conceivable to and should dress in shining white at whatever time don’t permit a day counteract you from brandishing the shade. Provided that you feel and look your absolute best putting on white colored, by all means, put it on all season ‘round. No individual in these days will say essentially anything to you for this. 

This makes you look a great deal broader than. On the other hand, select through and through lines, that can attract regard for height as opposed to circumference. 

Won’t have trust in an estimating around the mark. Continuously attempt on outfits before getting. Measurements aren’t simply consistent with created determinations. They could change up dependent upon the association. Assuming that you might as well buy articles of clothing on the web, inspect their measuring diagram or diagram. Guarantee you are fit for discount strategy that don’t fit as a fiddle. 

Each radiant group begins with a robust establishment to look its exceptionally best.a bra that matches viably guarantees your physique definition that will make an engaging profile. Your undergarments must be supportive and check smooth and tight appear. There is heaps of thinning undergarment choices available that will serve to disguise issues thusly making you look great. 

Propensities are producing an extensive comeback in style today, especially flower styles. Essentially be extremely cautious about decorating botanical prints with numerous different examples in the event that you utilize a particularly solid or sizeable bloomed print out, such as designed high heels or boots. 

Might you want to simply utilize a few shorts when dangling with your companions on a staggering working day? Provided that you have, then never ever wear perceptible socks. This truly is more normal practice for modest youngsters. Keep the socks to put on with your shorts. 

Push or business antiquated articles of clothing that you don’t put on any more.some stores buy your garments straight up or permit you to purchase and push for things they recently have close by. 

Invest time with a pattern advisor to reveal which colours that slimmer you. The color of the epidermis, eyes colour, and head of hair colours. 

Avoid settled dress would it be a good idea for you to put on a little more abundance weight with your midsection.this will concentrate on any knots or puffs you need to cover. Dress in relaxed outfits then again that offers your physique better accumulations. 

Provided that cinchs aren’t your slim, then at any rate utilization suspenders. 

Sound colours may assist recompense for your abundance bloated. Faint tints can help you appear more modest sized.in case you are petite, attempt utilizing better and brighter garments to hunt more stupendous to different people. 

Know your physique condition and discover the configuration you favor best. Will be your physique shape rectangle-formed, hourglass, or pear? Your entire form shape will encourage you to make the specific style that works for you. 

Make certain you as a rule don’t use excessively on garments store shopping a part of your monetary allowance.you can in any case get a procedure while shopping on a plan. 

You could use of your particular charge card to secure the basics you require 1. You have the capacity to support set up a style determination for your self, however just assuming that you are set to settle your credit obligation in a convenient way. 

Don’t empower others control the things you should wear. There is not any this kind of pet may be the right fashion.people need to assist make their own particular individual style in commonplace life. In the event that an individual prods their considerations for you, only educate them your judgment is significant to you more excellent than theirs. 

Thin pants happen to be when. You may not be lean as a route to utilize thin pants. They will probably compliment generally framework outlines since they smooth and level the more level segment of the constitution. 

Clothing as per the configuration of distinction is. Loads of times individuals attempt and pull off an obscure style only as it is popular. It doesn’t make a difference your identiity or what style you favour, be yourself. 

There are bunches of Web destinations and periodicals you have the ability to source to effectually savvy to what existing design patterns are. 

Determine you for the most part have enough bureau you shop attire in is unimaginably extensive. The point when your dresser is humble and also your dress is safely stuffed in, your dress could get harmed. There ought to be about an inch harshly in the middle of clothing parts of your bureau. 

Utilize bronzer at the base of your decline cheekbones provided that you need them appear expanded. This may have your cheek skeletal substance sections looking higher making them appear more excellent. Higher cheek bones assists keep your looking for popular. This could be yet one simple insight for satisfaction. 

Ordinarily work with attempting to keep articles of clothing looking dapper and clean. Consider hands purging your apparel from here on out so they won’t be hurt in the washer or garments dryer. 

As was depicted prior, there’s no motivation to take as being a design oddball. In the brief time of time, and with only a minor measure of work and vigor, you might markedly build your sort. With all the proposals utilizing this post, you’ll be feeling and looking radiant rapidly! 

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Dress to Impress with leading fashion Tips

Are you proud of in fashion you are one thing you going strong? Or do you style Department? Either way, there’s always something to learn about fashion, mainly because fashion is as fleeting as the season. Keep reading to fashion strategies that you may find useful.

Don’t buy clothes just because it is sold with a great price. If you don’t look good in it, there is no reason to buy it. It will just be a waste of money and hanger.

Light Washes and bright colors it is best to look casual.

There are so many choices in stylish hair accessories. Hair accessories are things like hair bows, headbands and ponytail holders, hair bows and hair extensions. You need to have a good selection available to you in your wardrobe. If you dress up for a night out with friends, choosing the Destar go with the clothes you are wearing.

You don’t have to worry about conflicting items and can make many different clothes with clothes you bring. Try scarves or belts to bring you see together.

Use all the beauty products that are your Favorites before you remove them. You just need to get the most out of the container tube by using squeezers are usually sold toothpaste. You can install the bottle to get a drop of each of them. You can also take a peak after the product reaches the remains of antiquity. This can save you money.

Some people think that fashion clothing with just a sheet. What some fail to consider is how much bad hair style can reduce the most beautiful clothes.

The old rule that you should not wear white after Labor Day holiday that is completely wrong! You can wear white in any color that flatters practically. If you like how you look in white clothing, put it. Not available in this day and age will blame you for wearing white.

They are popular choices for many women because they make them look taller and slimmer. When you purchase a wedged heel, make sure they are not too thick, they can be impossible to walk.

Drink more water every day to improve the dry and cracked nails cuticles from becoming dry. Hydration pay a very important role in preventing your cuticles and cracked nails. This will help your nails when it is cold and dry out. Use shea butter on the nail once a day. You may want to use gloves after you Apply butter on your hands before going to sleep and to make sure they stay healthy.

Add a small splash of individuals to maintain a sense of panache fashion. There are some Craftsmen that are not neat, not your shirt buttons along the way or wear shoes that don’t exactly match.

You may want to hire a fashion consultant when shopping with you. You may be too busy with the kids learn that out either turtlenecks will be in or out of this season is not high on the priority list.

Quilted fabric would be great this comes to style soon.

If you are wearing shorts to events with friends and colleagues, make sure do not show your socks. This is a common thing for young children in kindergarten. Make sure you look sophisticated by selecting slippers or socks that are cut to your ankle and humility under wraps.

Spend time with a professional color consultant and learn the colors flatter you. The consultant can help you choose a color that’s right for you based on your individual skin tone, eye and hair color.

Avoid complete outfit if you put a little more weight in the midst of you.This type of dress will make an extra weight and doesn’t look interesting. Wearing loose clothing which gives you better see fig.

If the belt is not to your liking, try suspenders.

Bring a small sewing kit in your wallet for repairs. If the button will display or obsolete your clothes, you can use it to make a quick mend.

You can use a credit card to buy a new wardrobe if needed.Just make sure that you do not remove too much money, and you can start thinking about how you can build a collection of your clothes.

Keep good fashion clothes for them to survive and remain bright.Hang the clothes as soon as you’re done wearing them immediately to prevent Wear.

It is important to have just the right swimsuit. Suit your bathroom should be appropriate to the

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Tips to help you build your own sense of fashion

When you’re shopping for new clothes last? Wardrobe you may be out of date if it has been some time.

Your budget should be spent on the basics. Try to get the pieces that work together simultaneously to a beneficial effect. You can wear a skirt black pencil with elegant jackets and tops every year.

Look for a handbag that can complement your clothes, but always make sure that it matches the rest of your bag as well. Do not carry more than one bag at any time.

Don’t buy clothing items just because they are sold. If the clothes are not flattering for your Figure, it is not worth the price, no matter how much of a bargain you think it to be. You would end up let it get Stale in the closet and that means your money as you will.

A great tip for fashion is to always search for new styles. They usually will catch on to new trends in style.

Wear dark-colored blouses and skirts to make yourself look skinnier if you want to look slimmer. This disguise colors form your body and reduce the appearance of any bulges that you may have.

Don’t feel like you have to be perfect in order for you to fashion. Also, if you try to perfection, you can see the uptight. Between the track including “defects” and cloth if not style.

Use all the beauty products that are your Favorites before you remove them. You can get the most out of what you have purchased.You can twist a bottle on the side or upside down to help you get a drop on each product. You can also remove the top to get bit on it. This can save you money.

Clean out your closet. The narrow and cluttered closets are hard to find good in clothes. Sift through everything and toss things that you are not wearing a coincident, any item that is not good or you haven’t worn in a year or more. Have some pieces for selection is more useful than the clothes from the past.

Are under the impression that only fashion clothing is related. What some don’t realize is that lackluster hairstyle may prevent to make live shows otherwise.

Do not trust the size on the label. Don’t buy any clothing items that have not been you trying. The size has not been at the specified size. They can vary between brands. If you purchase goods online, make sure you learn to size chart on the website. Also see if you are non-refundable.

There are some things that all women should have. Two pair of jeans hemmed, each pair and the jeans hemmed to Shine, one hemmed for heels. In the event of special events, every woman should have a little black dress for special occasions.

Great touch is making sure your belt matches the Shoes. This makes you look sophisticated and classic.

You can stay on top of fashion by becoming strange. Wear your hair somewhat messy, unbutton your shirt, or even two textures.

Do not style your hair in a way that creates two competing textures. You will not seem messy compared to nature and strange.

You should always open for Experimentation when it comes to how you dress up. You never know if something is good if you don’t try it out. You may be able to create something unique that you see for yourself.

Clothes to your number. You may not have the body to low-cut blouses, but you will probably be more confident with your feet.

One of the best ways to help you fashion tip is to get rid of old clothes you no longer wear. You will clean the space in your closet and help someone who needs clothes at the same time.

If you have to go out of town often, make an anti-wrinkle and easy-care clothing is a major part of your wardrobe. Although it is not hard to find iron, there is a reason do not want to waste time Ironing if you do not have to. You automatically have to hang up all your clothes when you get to your hotel.

Ever-changing fashion, and aware of current trends can benefit you.This magazine is a great opportunity to find information about this trend. You can always choose what you like with your own style and taste.

The right accessories to make cloth. You can choose from watches, watches, chains, bracelets and so on. An appropriate hairstyle and footwear is a must. You can find a variety of information in majal